Second Grade Lothario

I’m taking a short break from ranting and raving about politics and whatnot to write what may end up being the first chapter in a potential memoir that I might write later this year for NaNoWriMo…or I might end up trying my hand at fiction. We’ll see. I briefly touched on this when I looked at some of my childhood journals previously, but I thought I would try and expand on that and make more of an in depth story around it. And away we go…

I was an eight year old lothario, spending my spring breaking hearts.

At least I think I was eight. I know that I was in second grade, and I know that I had two girlfriends. One, the little blonde that lived along 3500 South, will stick around in this story a bit longer than the other. Her name was Shawna, and she came in and out of my young life at least two more times before the age of 15. The other, Charene, lived around the block from me, on the “scary” corner, but she wasn’t threatening as we walked home from school. Continue reading “Second Grade Lothario”