FR: These Davids Beat the Banking Goliaths

Article: These Davids Beat the Banking Goliaths Remember how I’ve spent some of this “Fool Revisited” breaking down some regional banks? (Southwest, Midwest, Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Southeast and Pacific in case you missed them). My next article was me further laying the foundation of regional banks being better than the “too big to fail” banks thatContinue reading “FR: These Davids Beat the Banking Goliaths”

FR: Is This the Best Bank in the Mid-Atlantic?

Article: Is This the Best Bank in the Mid-Atlantic? The next “regional bank” article in my “Fool Revisited” series is going to cover the Mid-Atlantic region, which covers all the banks from South Carolina to Pennsylvania, though some banks have acquired banks outside that geographic footprint. All banks were screened based on the region theyContinue reading “FR: Is This the Best Bank in the Mid-Atlantic?”

FR: 7 Smaller Banks Worth Considering

Note: I was trying to do all these “Fool Revisited” posts sequentially based on when they were initially published but I somehow managed to miss this one. So while it was the ninth article I ever had published at The Motley Fool, it has become the 23rd article published in this series. This will probablyContinue reading “FR: 7 Smaller Banks Worth Considering”