FR: 1 Stock Tony Soprano Would Love

Article: 1 Stock Tony Soprano Would Love

Up next in my “Fool Revisited” series was a piece about Waste Management (NYSE: WM), the largest (by market cap) of the “waste management” companies out there. It is perhaps the most well-known as well, and the fact that its entire industry carries its name should be indicative of why it is considered an industry leader.

This article was probably another sector article, written after we discussed “industrial goods,” of which waste management was a sub-sector. My little too clever title notwithstanding, the article is a generally positive look at the company circa 2011, based primarily on the company’s 10-K for the prior year. It compares the “players” in the trash industry, with special emphasis on Veolia Envirronement, a French company that does similar things in Europe. Continue reading “FR: 1 Stock Tony Soprano Would Love”