FR: 7 Stocks the Dow has Liked For a Long Time

Article: 7 Stocks the Dow has Liked For a Long Time

My final “Fool Revisited” piece for today was the first article I wrote about the Dow Jones Industrial Average (^DJI). I definitely have a love/hate relationship with this particular index – it’s an arbitrary list of 30 companies picked by the folks in charge, weighted by price and not market cap – and it is talked about WAY TOO MUCH in the financial media when it passes certain big numbers. I wrote about when it went past 20,000 last February (it’s currently just a tad under 25,000) and it’s just a stupid measure if you care about what the “stock market” is.

The love part of the relationship comes from the fact that I was able to generate some content of this arbitrary list of companies. And this article was the first of many where the Fool tried to take advantage of “tickering” the index so that they got more page views. Not a bad idea, honestly, especially with the wide coverage that the Dow receives nearly every day in the financial press. Continue reading “FR: 7 Stocks the Dow has Liked For a Long Time”

FR: Otis Helps Take United Technologies to the Top

Article: Otis Helps Take United Technologies to the Top

Another “Fool Revisited” piece, another sector article, though technically I milked the defense sector for two articles, the other which you’ll see on Thursday. (Spoiler alert: it’s about dividends among defense contractors). This article discusses the non-defense part of United Technologies (NYSE: UTX), a Dow component and massive conglomerate with multiple subsidiaries.

I narrowed in on Otis Elevators for a couple of reasons. First, I had seen the name Otis on a lot of elevators at the time, and when learning about United Technologies’ other businesses, it stood out for that reason. I also knew of the company because I once lived across the street from an elevator repairman that worked for Otis, so it was a company that I knew about indirectly as well, though I can’t remember if this salient fact had anything to do with picking Otis out from all of United’s other non-defense subsidiaries. Continue reading “FR: Otis Helps Take United Technologies to the Top”