An Open Letter to Senator Mike Lee

Senator Lee,

I am troubled.

You see, when I heard about the issues in Flint, Michigan, about poor decisions by elected officials resulting in the poisoning of American citizens, the humanist in me felt sick to my stomach. I hoped that the people responsible would be held accountable, that people would be fired, recalled, or even indicted. You’re a lawyer. I’m sure you can appreciate what a fun trial that would have been.

But I know how things work in this country. I know that people in charge of huge catastrophes like this often aren’t held accountable. They use their positions to protect themselves, placing blame on the lowest person on the totem pole, publicly and quickly firing the scapegoat, and moving on like nothing happened. But something terrible and tragic did happen, and it continues to happen, no thanks to you. Continue reading “An Open Letter to Senator Mike Lee”

Utah Should Look to Its Past to Map Its Future

I have high hopes for the future of Utah, especially in regards to the political climate. Perusing the comments on the latest news out of my home state makes me question if this is actually the case.

As it currently stands, it doesn’t seem like that is a possibility, especially in light of the current fight regarding same-sex marriage. It seems that a lot of the current political leadership is stuck in generations past, all but proclaiming that it is the state’s prerogative to discriminate a group of people because they don’t fit into some outdated definition of what is “traditional” when it comes to marriage.  Continue reading “Utah Should Look to Its Past to Map Its Future”

Utah and Marriage

As alluded to in my previous post, I am going to try and write more this year, starting out at around 1,500 words a week and building to about that a day by November. Hopefully, I will be able to publish some things that my readers will find interesting, and if there are any ideas as to what you might want to see here, please let me know in the form of a comment. I aim to please and, honestly, it can be difficult to find things to write about sometime. On with the first “real” post of 2014, my reflections on the state of marriage in my home state of Utah.

It started on November 2, 2004, though honestly, I’m sure the swells started long before that. That was the day that Utah was among 11 states that passed some sort of amendment to their state constitutions regarding marriage, defining it as something that is only allowed between man and woman. In Utah, it was known as Amendment 3, and reads as such:

  1. 1. Marriage consists only of the legal union between a man and a woman.
  2. 2. No other domestic union, however, denominated, may be recognized as a marriage or given the same or substantially equivalent legal effect.

The reason that I am bringing this up now, as many are aware, was that the amendment was challenged in court by some same-sex couples in Utah, and on December 20, 2013, federal judge Robert Shelby, an appointee to the federal bench by President Obama that was endorsed by both of the Republican Senators from Utah, struck down Amendment 3 as unconstitutional, given that it violates the due process rights for same-sex couples, as well as the equal protection clause of the 14th AmendmentContinue reading “Utah and Marriage”