The Utah Jazz Are Home

For the longest time, at least until Real Salt Lake, the Utah Jazz were the professional sports team in Utah. Sure, we had some random minor league teams, even super successful ones, but the Jazz were the only game in town. For eight, and sometimes nine months a year, the Jazz dominated the local sports scene, and have had some pretty good highs, as well as some lows.

The Jazz weren’t “born” here, anyone that knows about Utah should realize that there isn’t much of an organic jazz music scene here. The Jazz started out as an expansion team in New Orleans in 1974. And, despite having one of the best players of the era – Hall of Famer “Pistol” Pete Maravich – the New Orleans Jazz just weren’t that good. The best record they managed during their time in The Big Easy was 39-43, and they never really established themselves as something to do in the city, rotating between three venues and often being displaced by Mardi Gras festivities. The team drew well, but the lack of success made it difficult for the team to succeed financially. A new home was needed, and the ownership decided on Salt Lake City, in part because of the success that the ABA’s Utah Stars had experienced in the city. Continue reading “The Utah Jazz Are Home”