FR: Make Money Along With This CEO

Article: Make Money Along With This CEO

The first “Fool Revisited” piece today was yet another article written about Under Armour (NYSE: UAA). It is pretty obvious from some of my first articles that I wrote for the Fool that I had an affinity for the company, and this was a further expansion of that with a discussion on CEO Kevin Plank’s compensation received for shepherding the company through a period of seemingly never-ending growth.

This was an attempt to expand on the idea of qualitative investing versus quantitative investing. While it is important to point to whatever metrics make sense to you as you are choosing a company, numbers often don’t tell the whole story. A company – like Under Armour and thousands of others – can be doing exceptionally well, and sometimes the numbers are just hard to put into context all things considered, so it can be important to take a step back from time to time to examine the entire picture. Continue reading “FR: Make Money Along With This CEO”

FR: This Clothing Retail Stock Just Beat Expectations

Article: This Clothing Retail Stock Just Beat Expectations

The next “Fool Revisited” piece this week is another earnings take, this time from former favorite stock Under Armour (NYSE: UAA). At the time, Under Armour was still on the steepest part of its ascent as a company, having only recently just posted over $1 billion in revenue the previous year, a number that has grown to nearly $5 billion in the 6+ years since. However, as we will explore over the course of this series, what goes up must (eventually) come down, and Under Armour has been no exception.

The piece was nothing remarkable; these earnings takes were pretty cut and try and a quick way for the site to get some traffic surrounding the “favored” stocks when news was happening, especially when that news would drive performance one way of another of a stock that was recommended by one of the Fool services, as Under Armour was at the time. People want to know what’s happening and whether it might be a good time to sell at the top and get out or if things look like they are going to continue on. In October 2011, it seemed like the latter for Under Armour, though there were some warning signs that a decline may have been inevitable. Continue reading “FR: This Clothing Retail Stock Just Beat Expectations”

FR: You Can’t Judge a Brand by Its Uniforms

compound annual growth rateArticle: You Can’t Judge a Brand by Its Uniforms

The first “Fool Revisited” piece this week covers a (former) favorite company of mine for the second time. I wrote about Under Armour (NYSE: UAA) previously and pointed out some of the reasons why my affection for the company was influenced by a friend. I decided to continue covering the company because I was enamored by Kevin Plank and his rocket to relevance versus Nike (NYSE: NKE), and a future article in this series will show just how well Mr. Plank has done for himself – at least at the time – on the back of the clothing company he started out of the trunk of his car at the University of Maryland.

Speaking of the University of Maryland (a school that made the short-list when I was deciding where to go to grad school), it was their Under Armour produced uniforms that inspired this article in the first place. In what has become a “thing” for all levels of sports – look at what the NBA did this season with their “city jerseys” – teams can no longer just simply have home and away jerseys. Maryland was no exception, and their initial offering of “special” uniforms was widely derided at the time back in the fall of 2011, including midweek tweets from then head coach Randy Edsell announcing the garish monstrosity the team would be wearing that weekend. Continue reading “FR: You Can’t Judge a Brand by Its Uniforms”

FR: Mixing Friends and Stocks Foolishly

Article: Mixing Friends and Stocks Foolishly

Up next in my “Fool Revisited” series is a piece on one of my favorite companies, though I don’t know if I’d consider them a great investment anymore. Under Armour (NYSE: UAA, NYSE: UA) will make multiple appearances throughout this series, and a lot of those articles will have talked about inventory levels and revenue growth and all that. But for now, my second published article was influenced by my friend Shawn and his appreciation for the clothing manufacturer based out of Baltimore, MD.

Prior to my time at the Fool, I had spent countless hours while deployed to Iraq discussing stocks and investing with Shawn. While I had invested previous to these conversations, Shawn had a different perspective on investing, a perspective I would learn to appreciate once I was schooled in the “Foolish” mindset upon my arrival in Alexandra for the Writer’s Development Program. His adoration for Kevin Plank, founder and CEO of Under Armour, is an example of using qualitative information when choosing an investment, though it should also be only one factor when choosing companies in which to invest.   Continue reading “FR: Mixing Friends and Stocks Foolishly”