FR: Make Money Along With This CEO

Article: Make Money Along With This CEO The first “Fool Revisited” piece today was yet another article written about Under Armour (NYSE: UAA). It is pretty obvious from some of my first articles that I wrote for the Fool that I had an affinity for the company, and this was a further expansion of thatContinue reading “FR: Make Money Along With This CEO”

FR: Mixing Friends and Stocks Foolishly

Article: Mixing Friends and Stocks Foolishly Up next in my “Fool Revisited” series is a piece on one of my favorite companies, though I don’t know if I’d consider them a great investment anymore. Under Armour (NYSE: UAA, NYSE: UA) will make multiple appearances throughout this series, and a lot of those articles will haveContinue reading “FR: Mixing Friends and Stocks Foolishly”