TDOH: Alexander and Eliza

Note: This is Day Eight of Ten Days of Hamilton. Primer is here.  We’ve spoken ad nauseam about the various men in Alexander Hamilton’s life: political enemies, his mentor, and (coming tomorrow) the man who murdered him. Those men helped shape Alexander Hamilton into the person that he was politically, and Hamilton may have latchedContinue reading “TDOH: Alexander and Eliza”

TDOH: Hamilton and Washington

Note: This is Day Seven of Ten Days of Hamilton. Read this for an explanation. Thanks to the musical Hamilton, people who care are aware that Alexander Hamilton served as an aide to George Washington during the Revolutionary War. But Washington’s patronage of Hamilton extended beyond this role. According to accounts of the day, Hamilton didn’tContinue reading “TDOH: Hamilton and Washington”

TDOH: Hamilton and the Army

Note: “Ten Days of Hamilton” is explained here. Today is Day 6.  As a kid in the Caribbean I wished for a war I knew that I was poor I knew that it was the only way to  Rise up If they tell my story  I am either gonna die on the battlefield of gloryContinue reading “TDOH: Hamilton and the Army”

TDOH: Hamilton and Jefferson

Note: Check out this post for what is going on this month on this very blog!  As a person present at the founding of our nation, it should be expected that Alexander Hamilton crossed paths with all the names and faces we know and remember. George Washington. John Adams. James Madison. Even Benedict Arnold makes anContinue reading “TDOH: Hamilton and Jefferson”