Song of the Week – My Sweet Annette

This week’s song might be considered a slight departure from some of the other songs that I have profiled in the past. I don’t remember how exactly I was introduced to the Drive-by Truckers, but they ended up as an add to my music collection when I bought a “Best of…” compilation of iTunes sometimeContinue reading “Song of the Week – My Sweet Annette”

Song of the Week – Smoke

While I am still trying to figure out which of the tracks from the new Ben Folds Five album The Sound of the Life of the Mind is my favorite, I thought I would go back to the Ben Folds Five well for this week’s Song of the Week. It’s another song that may not have rankedContinue reading “Song of the Week – Smoke”

Song of the Week

Okay. Everyone out there raise your hands if you have been sitting in front of your computer all night awaiting this blog. Hang on. Let me get a quick count. Okay, thanks. It has been added to the record. Tonight I am going to cheat. I have had a song in my head for theContinue reading “Song of the Week”