Song of the Week – My Sweet Annette

This week’s song might be considered a slight departure from some of the other songs that I have profiled in the past. I don’t remember how exactly I was introduced to the Drive-by Truckers, but they ended up as an add to my music collection when I bought a “Best of…” compilation of iTunes sometime last year. Their mix of rock and country usually isn’t my cup of tea, and I have since limited the number of their songs that I have in rotation on my iPod. Nevertheless, this one song still sticks around because I like songs that tell stories and this one is no different. Continue reading “Song of the Week – My Sweet Annette”

Song of the Week – Smoke

While I am still trying to figure out which of the tracks from the new Ben Folds Five album The Sound of the Life of the Mind is my favorite, I thought I would go back to the Ben Folds Five well for this week’s Song of the Week. It’s another song that may not have ranked all that high when I did Ben Folds by Track last year, but it has recently been playing a bunch as I shuffle through all my music, and it is a great song to frighten unsuspecting passengers when driving back from Wendover and they think you are sleeping (looking at you, Megan).

That song is “Smoke” from the album Whatever and Ever Amen. With my change in opinion on this song and “Magic” from a while ago, I think I might have to redo my by track ratings while inserting the ten tracks from the new album. In the meantime, here are the lyrics to what I now view as a pretty underrated song, written by Folds and his ex-wife/writing partner Anna Goodman. My favorite version is the version with the Western Australia Symphony Orchestra from this album, but the original album version is still good in its own right:

Leaf by leaf,
And page by page,
Throw this book away.
All the sadness,
All the rage,
Throw this book away.

Rip out the binding
And tear the glue.
All the grief we never even knew.
We had it all along,
Now it’s…smoke.

All the things we’ve written in it,
Never really happened.
All the things we’ve written in it,
Never really happened.
All of the people come and gone,
Never really lived,
And all the people come have gone,
No one to forgive.

We will not write a new one.
There will never be anew one,
Another one, another one.

Here’s an evening dark with shame,
Throw it on the fire.
Here’s the time I took the blame,
Throw it on the fire.
Here is the view we didn’t speak, it seemed, for years and years,
And here’s the secret no one will ever know.
No reasons for the tears,
Made of smoke.

We will not write a new one.
There will never be a new one,
Another one,
Another one.
Another one.

Where do all the secrets live,
They travel in the air.
You can smell them when they burn,

Those who say the past is not dead,
Come and smell the smoke.
You keep saying the past is not dead,
Stop and smell the smoke.
You keep on saying the past is not even past,
You keep saying,
We are smoke.

– Ben Folds Five, Whatever and Ever Amen

Until next time…

Song of the Week

Okay. Everyone out there raise your hands if you have been sitting in front of your computer all night awaiting this blog. Hang on. Let me get a quick count. Okay, thanks. It has been added to the record.

Tonight I am going to cheat. I have had a song in my head for the past week, so fittingly it is this week’s “Song of the Week.” I encourage everyone to buy this album and listen to it in its entirety. These guys opened for Mr. Ben Folds in New Haven and were actually better then expected. I especially enjoy the refrain and the clapping. Audience participation is always fun. Continue reading “Song of the Week”