FR: Boston Beer Keeps It Fresh

Article: Boston Beer Keeps It Fresh

Up next in my “Fool Revisited” series is a piece on one of my favorite companies, and a company that actually helped me land a spot in the Writer’s Development Program in the first place. Boston Beer Co. (NYSE: SAM) – the purveyor of the Sam Adams brand of beer, among others – and has long been a favorite of investors and beer drinkers alike. This will not be the first time that I touch on the company in this series, and even though I don’t drink anymore, it remains one of my favorite companies that I wrote about while working at the Fool.

I believe I wrote this article as part of our sector classes, and I believe it was categorized as a consumer good. I probably chose Boston Beer over some other consumer goods staples because of my affinity for the company, but I’m not 100% sure. These early articles were “practice” for the most part, and our first handful of articles tended to be “takes,” or quick 400-500 word pieces about small bits of investment news. This one was no different. Continue reading “FR: Boston Beer Keeps It Fresh”