My Year in Movies – Part 3

The third quarter of the year signaled my temporary six month move to Virginia, which ultimately led to at least one movie a week for most weeks. I would simply look at Rotten Tomatoes on Friday afternoon and pick a movie, unless there was something that I truly wanted to see. Most of the movies that I saw were “fresh,” or at least had semi-favorable reviews on the site. When there wasn’t a new movie that had a good review that week, I simply watched something that I thought would be good. Usually Rotten Tomatoes knew what it was talking about. However, I start first with a movie I saw on demand recently since I didn’t really want to watch it in theaters.

Larry Crowne (7/1/2011) – What’s not to like about a movie starring Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts? A lot actually. Why they wouldn’t let Larry Crowne continue at the bog box store without a degree didn’t make much sense to me. What if he didn’t want to get promoted? Why not let him go to school while working pat-time? Once he starts going to school, I thought he was taking three classes. Why not eliminate the stupid motor scooter gang part and show him in Writing Composition? I was disappointed in this movie. Continue reading “My Year in Movies – Part 3”