Brothers Across America – Day 1

Billy at the border between  Utah and Colorado
Billy at the border between Utah and Colorado

The spring road trip is underway. Though the route has changed when I planned it in November, it will still be nearly four weeks on the road. As you can see from the picture above, my brother Billy is accompanying me on this trip. I was going to make the trip alone, but Billy convinced me to bring him along. So far, so good.

The plan during the day is for me to do my writing while he studies for his aircraft mechanic certifications. One of the conditions for him to accompany me was that he needs to take his certification exams once we get back. Then he can get a job doing what he wants to do while giving me a companion for my little trip. Continue reading “Brothers Across America – Day 1”

Tentative Spring Road Trip!

With the graduate school process fully in process, I will be making some campus visits to my finalists sometime in the spring. I’m not 100% on the dates yet, but I think I have mapped my course. Call me crazy, but I’ll be rolling five campus visits into a 3-4 week road trip across this great country of ours, and by the time I am done, I will have set foot in around 44 states!* Part of the reason for the trip will be to see some old friends, but it will also be part of a larger attempt to cross something off my life’s to-do list.

*Looks like I’ll still be short Alaska, Kansas, Louisiana, Minnesota, North Dakota, and Tennessee, though I do claim to have flown through Minnesota once upon a time. Continue reading “Tentative Spring Road Trip!”