The “Required” Resolution Post – Part 2

For Part 1, click this linky link.

Got some positive feedback for Part 1. Might mean I do a Part 3 for Friday…or I could finally get around to reviewing Django Unchained. Guess we will see. As mentioned previously, this part will revolve primarily around professional-type goals. On with the show!!!

1) Become a (More) Successful Writer
Don’t get me wrong. The fact that I can write about things I like and get paid for it (not here — HERE) is pretty cool. I just kind of sucked at it this year. I had all these visions of becoming this super great writer that got called up to go on CNBC Asia at 4 am to talk about some random bank and why it did something…but alas, that did not happen this year. There is always 2013, right? Continue reading “The “Required” Resolution Post – Part 2″

Thoughts on Grad School, Part 2

I already talked about going back to graduate school in a previous post, so I’ll let you go read that if you want the total background of what led to my current choice.

If you’ve been following me on Twitter — at this point, why aren’t you on Twitter? — you would have seen the following tweet:

The tweet announced my final six choices for pursuing my masters in finance. I’ll get to them in a minute. After being humbled Tuesday night taking a pretest in my GMAT prep course, I realize that I have some work to do to get my score in the vicinity of 650, which I think would make me competitive for admission at my currently-targeted schools.  Continue reading “Thoughts on Grad School, Part 2”