FR: Spending Money to Make Money With the NFL

Article: Spending Money to Make Money With the NFL

Like many of the previous articles in this series, the next article in my “Fool Revisited” series was sector piece. And like my first article, it was inspired by the NFL, though this time it was more a reaction to a season in full swing and not the resolution of that year’s lockout. The focus in this article was media companies, and I tried to point to all the media partners that the NFL had and how those companies were earning more than their astronomical rights fees from advertising.

Whether this argument would hold up these days remains to be seen, and with new “partners” joining the fray – Amazon broadcast numerous Thursday Night Football games this year and Verizon’s Yahoo! Sports streamed some postseason games – the money the NFL receives for its broadcasting rights might be more lucrative for both them and their partners. However, NFL viewership seems to be down, and while some people have pointed to “flag” protests or concussion and injury concerns, it could just simply be a change in our television viewing habits that have driven the change. Continue reading “FR: Spending Money to Make Money With the NFL”

On Anthems, Flags, and Protests

I’ve been wrestling with whether to say something about this. I personally feel like it is a very (unnecessarily) divisive issue that has become something more than it ever should have been. Maybe that’s a product of living in an “outrage” culture, when people on either side of the political equilibrium have to scream louder than each other about the issue du jour, instilling their own biases based on whatever they want to make the complaint about.

Time hasn’t changed this. Colin Kaepernick first kneeled during the anthem last season, something that may have cost him his job as a quarterback in the NFL. I’m not going to comment on his capabilities as a player; I’m a relatively casual fan of sports and I don’t spend hours of my week determining if Player A is better than Player B – I leave that to professionals like Bill Barnwell – but I do know the guy led a team to a Super Bowl, which seems to indicate success in his sport. Continue reading “On Anthems, Flags, and Protests”

Politics and Football

The NFL season ended today in pretty dramatic fashion, with the New England Patriots coming back from a 28–3 deficit in the third quarter and pulling out the win in overtime 34–28. It was probably the best Super Bowl game of my lifetime and had me on the literal edge of my seat for most of the last quarter and a half.

The man in the middle of it all was Tom Brady, quarterback for the Patriots and now the only man to ever win FIVE Super Bowls as a quarterback (Charles Haley played on five Super Bowl winning teams). It was an amazing performance, vintage Brady, and it’s hard to forget sometimes that he is 39 years old and has been doing this for 16 years now. Continue reading “Politics and Football”