The Year That Will Be 2014

Yesterday, I looked at all the goals that I made for myself for 2013 and how I fared, and my performance was less than stellar. Nevertheless, I am not deterred from making even more goals this year, though I don’t think it will approach the number and specificity of 2013. I have a few basic goals that would make 2014 better, and hopefully I will be able to accomplish them.

On with the show!

1) The Fitness Goal(s)
I know that people say that specific and numerical goals are easier to accomplish and whatnot. That said, this goal will be a combination of a couple different things:

  1. Lose 80 pounds – I like this number from last year, so we’re going with it again.
  2. Run 300 miles this year
  3. Get my gym on at least 3x a week
  4. Sleep better and like a normal person
  5. Eat better, including eliminating soda completely by the end of the year Continue reading “The Year That Will Be 2014”

The “Required Resolution Post – Part 3

Edited by request. Apologies to the requesting party.

For Part 1, click here. For Part 2, click here.

After going over some physical and professional goals for the year, this post will mainly be about some other random things that I hope to accomplish before 2014 is upon us. This is pretty much just a dumping ground for a few things that didn’t fit in with the other eight goals from the previous posts. On with the show!

1) Get Total Remaining Debt Under $10,000
As I mentioned in my first resolution post, I have made paying off debt a resolution every year since I pretty much got in debt in the first place. And while I would have liked to maximize what I paid off last year by spending a whole year at home, I wasn’t nearly as successful as I would have liked. Combine that with the super fun foreclosure on my condo in Connecticut, and my credit is pretty shot for the time being. ‘Murica! Continue reading “The “Required Resolution Post – Part 3”