FR: 5 Sustainable Dividends for Your Portfolio

Article: 5 Sustainable Dividends for Your Portfolio

The next article in my “Fool Revisited” series goes back to the well for the screener idea, similar to my article on foreign banks. It looks like this article may have been the result of a class on dividend investing, but it is hard to say 6+ years later without digging into my notes from the time (that have most likely been lost to moves anyway).

The screening criteria for this particular article used four different factors: dividend yield over 5%, a payout ratio less than 100%, return on equity over 20%, and a sustainable growth rate over 5%. The five “sustainable” dividends in question came from four different industries, leading me to believe this article was more about income investing, but as you will see from some future articles, I went back to the “best dividends” thing when writing about some industries too. Continue reading “FR: 5 Sustainable Dividends for Your Portfolio”