Quick Oscar Thoughts

We interrupt New Year’s Resolutions to bring you some quick (for me) thoughts on the Oscar nominations that were announced today: Like the rest of the internet, I am shocked that Ben Affleck nor Kathryn Bigelow scored Best Director nominations for Argo and Zero Dark Thirty, respectively. Though I have not yet seen ZDT, those much smarter than me thatContinue reading “Quick Oscar Thoughts”

Today’s Movie Review – Les Miserables (2012)

Christmas was this week, and with it came the release of a few long-anticipated movies. While I would have loved to seen Django Unchained, I decided to take the family to see Les Miserables instead as a Christmas gift to them. I can see the less-family friendly Django this weekend. When I initially saw the trailer for Les Mis, IContinue reading “Today’s Movie Review – Les Miserables (2012)”