Decision Made

I have finally decided where I will be going to grad school.

I was going to wait on a decision from the University of Utah, but I figure they would have let me know by now of they were going to offer me admission.¬†Maryland accepted me, but I just think that it would be too cost prohibitive to go there. As much as I love the DC area, I also don’t want to go crazy with new student loans, which I would have to use to cover the difference between the GI Bill and the cost of attendance.

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Brothers Across America – Day 21

The closer we get to summer, to closer I get to just going to the University of Illinois for grad school
Looking more and more like I’ll be a student here in the summer

After a stop at the University of Illinois to say hello* to the only grad school that has accepted me thus far, we continued our trek westward.

*At this point, baring an incredible financial aid offer from one of the other three schools, Illinois will probably be my future home for a year starting in May. Unless I can’t bridge the price gap between cost and GI Bill coverage. Then we’ll just wait and see. Continue reading “Brothers Across America – Day 21”