Song of the Week – The Bed Song

I will be writing my review of the latest Ben Folds Five Album The Sound of the Life of the Mind over the weekend, but in the meantime, this week’s song of the week is from the album I reviewed last week. As I mentioned in that post, you can grab the entire album for as little as $1 if you so desire by going here. While the album is full of great stuff, the one song that I keep going back to this week is a wonderful song called “The Bed Song.” The lyrics come straight from the iTunes display on my iPod, but I formatted it slightly different. They really are some beautiful lyrics, and I’m almost crying listening and typing them out here. I’m so ridiculous. Seriously, GO BUY THIS ALBUM! Continue reading “Song of the Week – The Bed Song”

Album of the Month – Theatre is Evil

Usually when I write about music on this here blog, it’s about Ben Folds, Piano God Extraordinaire. And with the recent release of The Sound of the Life of the Mind, the first Ben Folds Five album in 13 years or so, there will be a post up in the next week about what I think of it. Early review: it’s alright. But I’m going to head a bit out of my comfort zone and look at an album that I had a small hand in making happen through the artist’s Kickstarter campaign. That album, as the title alludes to, is Theatre is Evil by Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra.

My exposure to Ms. Palmer prior to the album was pretty limited. I had heard of the Dresden Dolls growing up, but it wasn’t quite in my wheelhouse at the time. However, when I joined Twitter back in the day, she was recommended as a person to follow, so I listened to the little bird and did so. As a bit of an artist myself (LOL), it is always interesting to see the various ways that people promote themselves or what they produce. I found Palmer’s tweets to be interesting and many of her blogs about whatever to be a good read. I tracked down some other music, which she tends to make available to folks for whatever they want to pay on her website. She entered rotation on my Ben Folds dominated iPod, and when they teamed up with others to do 8in8, I was hooked. “Because the Origami” is one of my favorite songs, and the combination of Palmer and Folds is awesome.  Continue reading “Album of the Month – Theatre is Evil”