FR: For-Profit Schools Aren’t All Bad

Article: For-Profit Schools Aren’t All Bad

The next article in my “Fool Revisited” series is another sector piece, and this one is ugly. This may have been a sector piece, but I tried to defend the for-profit education industry. After all, one of my college degrees came from a for-profit school, though it wasn’t among the ones that I profiled in this article.

For-profit schools tend to be online for the most part, though many offer in-person classes as well. The best known of these schools – the University of Phoenix, which is owned by the now private Apollo Group – does both, making it easy for anyone to go to college. However, with most public colleges offering online programs, I fail to see the reason why anyone would attend these for-profit colleges, though there are numerous reasons why people choose one school over another. Continue reading “FR: For-Profit Schools Aren’t All Bad”