TDOH: Hamilton and Washington

Note: This is Day Seven of Ten Days of Hamilton. Read this for an explanation.

Thanks to the musicalĀ Hamilton, people who care are aware that Alexander Hamilton served as an aide to George Washington during the Revolutionary War. But Washington’s patronage of Hamilton extended beyond this role. According to accounts of the day, Hamilton didn’t encounter Washington until they met during the war. This shouldn’t be unexpected; Washington was older and lived in Virginia, far away from Hamilton in New York.

Washington probably first heard of Hamilton after the latter stole some cannons from the British during the Battle of Princeton. Hamilton became a hot commodity, and others sought him out for “promotion” from the field to their side as an aide, including Nathanael Greene, the American commander in the Southern theater. Fortunately for Washington, Hamilton didn’t want to be a secretary and longed to stay in the field with his men striving for glory. An offer from Washington, however, was too enticing to pass up, and Hamilton served at Washington’s side for just over 4 years.* Continue reading “TDOH: Hamilton and Washington”