FR: A Decade of performance from 7 Dow Stocks

Article: A Decade of performance from 7 Dow Stocks In my final “Fool Revisited” post this week, I will be finishing off my mini-series on the Dow with the remaining seven components of the Dow (at least at the time). The previous three entries of this group covered the oldest members of the Dow, theContinue reading “FR: A Decade of performance from 7 Dow Stocks”

FR: These Davids Beat the Banking Goliaths

Article: These Davids Beat the Banking Goliaths Remember how I’ve spent some of this “Fool Revisited” breaking down some regional banks? (Southwest, Midwest, Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Southeast and Pacific in case you missed them). My next article was me further laying the foundation of regional banks being better than the “too big to fail” banks thatContinue reading “FR: These Davids Beat the Banking Goliaths”

FR: Make Money Along With This CEO

Article: Make Money Along With This CEO The first “Fool Revisited” piece today was yet another article written about Under Armour (NYSE: UAA). It is pretty obvious from some of my first articles that I wrote for the Fool that I had an affinity for the company, and this was a further expansion of thatContinue reading “FR: Make Money Along With This CEO”

FR: It’s More Than Just Luck for the 1%

Article: It’s More Than Just Luck for the 1% My final “Fool Revisited” piece today was a “response piece” to my colleague Alex Planes’ article on The Luck of the 1%. At the time, the Occupy movement was happening, and Alex used very poignant examples of how reaching the upper echelon of wealth in thisContinue reading “FR: It’s More Than Just Luck for the 1%”