Some Big News

With less than two weeks to go until I am done with school forever,* there are a few things about my short-to-intermediate future that I am ready to announce here.

*I reserve the right to return to school at a later date, but only as an instructor or administrator.

First, as you may know from my previous posts on the subject, I am currently looking for a job in Salt Lake City. While I wish this was an announcement of me or Kim finding a full-time position which would hasten our departure from Illinois, it is sadly not the case. Despite my efforts to the contrary, I have been unable to locate a suitable position. Part of the reason it seems is that I live in Illinois and people don’t want to interview me and are instead focusing on local folks first. If that’s the case, then I guess I should just move my happy self to Utah already and get on with it…which is what will be happening. though not for a while.

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On the Eve of a Milestone

Tomorrow is my father’s 70th birthday. It seems like just yesterday he was turning 60. Granted, I don’t remember a whole lot about his 60th, as I was residing in Connecticut at the time and probably didn’t think it was enough reason to visit. Even his 65th probably didn’t get me home, despite being in a miserable phase of my rapidly crumbling marriage. I think part of the reason is that my father has, for as long as I remember, placed his family first in almost everything he’s ever done. Nothing he has ever done has been about him. I wrote about this last Father’s Day, so feel free to go and check that out.

Anyway, with a cancer diagnosis earlier this year, though mild it may seem, the realization returns that my parents are aging. That may sound ridiculous — of course they’re aging — but when compared to the timeline of my life, it’s pretty staggering. It started with picking out burial plots when I returned to Utah in January, and continues with completions of wills earlier this week. It’s weird, and I don’t like it. Continue reading “On the Eve of a Milestone”

A New Addition to My Heart

In lieu of a post about movies or something else similar, I would like to write about something else that is way cooler, and if I had been thinking about it, I would have wrote something on Wednesday instead of the rambling incoherence that went up instead. As the title alludes to, we had an exciting event occur in the extended Eberhard family this week: the birth of Baby Joseph Numero Dos. If you follow me on Twitter — and why don’t you? — you would have seen the announcement in real time. Anyway, we’ll get back to that in a minute. No blog of mine would be complete without a departure into something sort of off topic first.

I thought I had mentioned before elsewhere in this blog, but I couldn’t find it, unless I’m just forgetting the phrasing of the discussion on it. Anyway, I read a book once — America Alone: The End of the World as We Know It — about the Islamization of the world. I bought it at some airport bookstore while on some travels, and it was a fairly interesting read even if the politics of the book and author leaned the opposite way of my own political views. Discounting the Right Wing hate of cultures different then our own, the thing that has remained with me years after reading the book is the thought of a self-sustaining population growth, or replacement rate. In developed countries, each generation has to produce an average of 2.1 children per person so as to not fade away to nothingness. The people that have four kids make up for the people that have no kids make up for those that don’t have any. A basic understanding of averages will allow for understanding of this point.  Continue reading “A New Addition to My Heart”