Now the Work Begins

I’m going to try and keep this short, but most folks know that I have a propensity to ramble on occasion.

President Obama won reelection last night, and the country hasn’t fallen into the ocean. Yet. Florida is still counting votes, and there are still some other races yet to be decided, but another election cycle has come to an end. Hopefully. While the cynic in me thinks that the Republican Party will lick their collective wounds for a few months before begin the campaign for 2016, the realist in me knows that this probably is not going to be the case. After all, we have the midterm election in 2014, and with the Democrats holding a slim majority in the Senate, I’m sure the Republican Machine will start identifying “weak” Democratic senators in short order. Continue reading “Now the Work Begins”

Can’t Change My Mind So Stop Trying

I am temporarily lifting my self-imposed moratorium on discussing politics. The reason for this is twofold: one, I already voted, so now all I’m doing is waiting for the actual election day for all my losers to be announced.* Second, though I have stated it multiple times, I still have conservative friends that think if my situation changes I will magically become a Republican. This is patently not true, and failing a complete collapse of the ideals of the current Democratic Party, I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

*Not that I didn’t vote for some winners. I still think President Obama will win the presidential election, though my vote in Utah isn’t going to help him because Romney will win this state by a ridiculous margin. I also think a could of the local elections I voted in will win, but it really is hard to predict Democrats winning anything around here. Continue reading “Can’t Change My Mind So Stop Trying”