Thoughts on Grad School

I was having a discussion recently with a friend on his first day of college at a new school. In the course of our conversation about the women’s soccer team and girls in yoga pants, he asked me when I was heading back to school. It got me thinking about his question. In a perfect world, I would like to be back in school by next fall, but going to graduate school is a little more involved than just signing up for school. I’m sure I could easily get into an online college if I wanted, but if I do go back to school, I would like to go to an actual college campus. While I enjoyed my experience at Post University¬†getting my degree in accounting, I think graduate school would be better in person, enabling ¬†collaboration with classmates and whatnot.

Despite not really knowing what I want to do with my life and even if a graduate degree would fit in, part of the reason I want to go back to school is to use the rest of my Post-9/11 GI Bill that I earned for my service in Iraq with the Army Reserve. It seems silly to waste this, and it would enable me to complete at least 50% of a degree for no cost. With a lot of student loan debt already, I am wary to go back to school if I need to take a loan to go to school again. Hopefully, if I do get back to school, I’ll be able to go full-time, using proceeds from my GI Bill and writing a bit to cover the cost without another loan. Continue reading “Thoughts on Grad School”