Today’s Movie Review: Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

Note: I actually saw this movie on the Thursday before it officially came out (July 31st), and I was part of its $94.3 million opening weekend. I’ve just been dragging my feet in getting this review up, pending a potential second viewing, but instead decided to check out the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot instead.  

Of the many movies that have been released so far this year, Guardians of the Galaxy was probably my most anticipated movie. Not because I am/was familiar with the characters ahead of time, but because I was interested in seeing a movie that I had little knowledge. Even though the stories of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and Transformers: Age of Extinction, for example, were new stories, it was still relatively easy to see where those movies would end up, especially considering the previous movies in their respective series.

But Guardians would be different; though I knew the general premise of the movie from reading a little about it and from the trailers, it ended up being something slightly different than what I was expecting. Because of this, it is definitely one of the best Marvel Cinematic Universe movies released to date, and it has me excited for some of the “deep cut” Marvel movies that are coming over the next few years. While DC Comics/Warner Brothers continues to struggle to build its own cinematic universe, Marvel/Disney  have shown how you can turn even lesser known characters into box office gold.

(Minor spoilers ahead) Continue reading “Today’s Movie Review: Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)”

Today’s Movie Review – The LEGO Movie (2014)

The LEGO Movie was the number one movie this weekend, and had the second largest February opening, right behind Passion of the Christ back in 2004, with just short of $70 million. My girlfriend and I were among the millions earned this weekend, as we stopped by our local cineplex and watched the movie in 3D. The movie didn’t disappoint, and I was enthralled from the first minute.

It isn’t often that a movie transports you immediately to your childhood. I’ve experienced the sensation a few times in the past few years of watching movies: seeing The Lion King (again) when it was released in 3D was a treat, and reminded me of when I first saw the movie as a teenager at the Reel Theater in Magna, Utah. Hearing Optimus Prime speak for the first time in the first Michael Bay Transformers “reboot” was the best part of any of those three movies. Finally, Wreck-It Ralph contained enough video game nostalgia to make any fan of ’80s and ’90s video games enjoy themselves. Continue reading “Today’s Movie Review – The LEGO Movie (2014)”