FR: Is This the Best Bank in the Mid-Atlantic?

Article: Is This the Best Bank in the Mid-Atlantic?

The next “regional bank” article in my “Fool Revisited” series is going to cover the Mid-Atlantic region, which covers all the banks from South Carolina to Pennsylvania, though some banks have acquired banks outside that geographic footprint. All banks were screened based on the region they fell under using, my screener of choice back when I was writing for the Fool (it still is pretty cool, though a lot of the things I used it for in the past are no longer free and I don’t have the resources at present to pay for them).

As with the other articles within this mini “series within a series,” instead of writing about all of the banks in the region, I screened them down to a much more manageable list. First, I eliminated all banks with a market cap below $300 million. Then I used four other factors to get to my final list: only profitable banks (over the prior 12 months), a low P/B (looks like I only featured banks under 2, though lower is better), a positive dividend, and quality net income margin. It looks like I profiled the seven banks that came up in my screen, though when I run a similar screen today, I get over 20 banks. Either some banks have grown over the past 6+ years (very possible) or I messed up previously (also possible).

No tweet for this one, so let’s get straight to the analysis of these banks’ performance. Continue reading “FR: Is This the Best Bank in the Mid-Atlantic?”