On the Manti Te’o Situation

In light of the recent news about Notre Dame football player Manti Te’o and the nonexistence of his girlfriend, here is my previously published review of the movie that has been referenced a lot throughout all the reports.

As teased Tuesday night after I watched it, here is my review for the wonderful (for the most part) documentary called “Catfish.” I would encourage you to watch this movie, especially if you find yourself spending a lot of time on Facebook and other versions of social media. It is hard to describe the movie without really giving away a lot, but I’ll try.

Without giving two much away, on the outset, the movie is about an amateur photographer (Yaniv Schulman) who has a picture published in a New York paper. Not long after the picture is published, he receives an oil painting of his picture from an eight year-old girl from Michigan named “Abby.” He begins corresponding with the girl via Facebook and e-mail, and also becomes friends with various members of her family, including Abby’s older sister “Megan.” Continue reading “On the Manti Te’o Situation”