FR: Mango Habanero-Flavored Food For Thought

Article: Mango Habanero-Flavored Food For Thought

Up first in my “Fool Revisited” series is my first piece of published writing for which I received compensation. This was published about a month into my time with the Writer Development Program, after we had spent the previous month learning about investing and writing in the “Foolish” way. After this initial month, we started learning about individual sectors, and we started with the restaurant sector because it was a “low value” sector for the site and they just wanted us to get some practice.

As indicated in the lede of the article, I thought the Buffalo Wild Wings (Nasdaq: BWLD) was going to benefit from the end of the NFL Lockout. I don’t think I ever went back and followed up on this thesis down the road – most likely because of the low value of the sector – but I did give it the “green thumb” on Motley Fool CAPS the month prior, so I must have thought it was going to do okay. Continue reading “FR: Mango Habanero-Flavored Food For Thought”