Song of the Week – The Bed Song

I will be writing my review of the latest Ben Folds Five Album The Sound of the Life of the Mind over the weekend, but in the meantime, this week’s song of the week is from the album I reviewed last week. As I mentioned in that post, you can grab the entire album for asContinue reading “Song of the Week – The Bed Song”

Album of the Month – Theatre is Evil

Usually when I write about music on this here blog, it’s about Ben Folds, Piano God Extraordinaire. And with the recent release of The Sound of the Life of the Mind, the first Ben Folds Five album in 13 years or so, there will be a post up in the next week about what I think ofContinue reading “Album of the Month – Theatre is Evil”

Magic by Ben Folds Five

For some reason, this might have become my favorite Ben Folds Five song. Have a new appreciation for it, and love the simple lyrics. Just thought I would share: From the back of your big brown eyes I knew you’d be gone as soon as you could And I hoped you would We could seeContinue reading “Magic by Ben Folds Five”