Quick Oscar Thoughts

We interrupt New Year’s Resolutions to bring you some quick (for me) thoughts on the Oscar nominations that were announced today: Like the rest of the internet, I am shocked that Ben Affleck nor Kathryn Bigelow scored Best Director nominations for Argo and Zero Dark Thirty, respectively. Though I have not yet seen ZDT, those much smarter than me thatContinue reading “Quick Oscar Thoughts”

Sushi and a Movie Volume 3 – Argo

After trying to convince the bro to see Argo last week, I managed to rope him into it this week, partly by shaming him based on a recommendation by his sister posted as a comment on the last blog. However, I am still trying to figure out if he didn’t just come along for theContinue reading “Sushi and a Movie Volume 3 – Argo”