Investment Disclosure

I figured since I was going to be writing more about stocks and investing that I would write a standard disclosure that I will link in all posts that include mention of individual companies. I want to ensure 100% transparency and hopefully reinforce that I am not only writing about a company in an attempt to drive that company’s stock performance.*

*Not that I think that I can affect the markets, but you never know what might happen down the road when dozens of people start reading this blog every day instead of onesies and twosies.

I have mentioned in some of my posts that I am not currently invested in any individual stocks on my personal behalf, and that remains true. Should that change, I will update the list below to reflect any personal stock or fund ownership. I do, however, manage the investments in my mother’s retirement account, so I have disclosed below which stocks and mutual funds that she owns in that portfolio because I was the one that chose them. If you should have any questions about this disclosure, please do not hesitate to ask.

Disclosure begins here:

All posts about investing are not intended as a sole source of investment advice. The author urges all readers to research any and all stocks/funds before they purchase shares and not rely solely on the words written on this blog. If you happen across a great idea written here, please do not hesitate to expand on my research and make your own decision. However, should that investment go south, I am not liable for any loss that you may suffer.

I personally believe that the investment in stocks – especially within a tax-advantaged account – is a foundation for financial stability later in life. These investments can be within a mutual fund, exchange-traded fund, or as an individual stock. I do not believe in “day trading” or holding investments for limited amounts of time. I am also personally not interested in using “shorts” to bet against an individual company, as I would rather identify solid companies and go “long” on the investment instead. I hope someday to use options and other investing strategies that do not involve simply buying individual shares, but at the moment, all my investments are in individual stocks or funds.

As mentioned previously, I am a long-term, “buy and hold” investor. In the event that I decide to fully liquidate any holdings – in either my personal portfolio or any other that I may manage for others – I will disclose that in a separate post on this site, with the reasoning behind my decision explained. I will not disclose any sell that does not eliminate an entire position, like in the event of a rebalancing. I will also disclose – and provide reasoning for – any purchase of a new holding that is not currently in the portfolios I manage. 

My personal investment holdings: C Fund, F Fund, G Fund, I Fund, and S Fund – all within the federal Thrift Savings Plan. I also hold various mutual funds in a 401(k) plan offered through my job, as well as some in the 529 plan for my son.

Investments purchased on behalf of my mother in her IRA: 
– Individual Company Stocks: AAPL, AMZN, BRK-B, DIS, MA, MLR, PYPL, RMO, SBUX, SQ, V

The investments mentioned above are not necessarily the “best” options for new investments, and were purchased for reasons that may be different from your own personal investment goals. Do not use the listing of these stocks as an endorsement for their purchase. Any questions about this disclosure can be addressed to the author as a comment to this post or any other post where the disclosure is mentioned.