Knowledge Is Power

The opinions stated in this piece are the opinions of the author and the author alone and do not reflect the opinions of the Air Force, the Department of Defense, or anybody else in the United States government. 

There are a lot of things to be worried about in the world. Betsy DeVos’s confirmation continuing the political right’s continued attack on public education is one. The confirmation of Jeff Sessions, a man who was considered too racist to be a federal judge 30 years ago – and Senator Elizabeth Warren was told to sit down and shut up for reading a letter stating as much – was confirmed as Attorney General. Looming is the approval of an EPA chair that has a history of suing the EPA, so I’m sure that our environment will be fine in the future. Just a lot of doom, gloom, and general negatively if you sit down and think about it, which is why it is sometimes easier to not think about these things.

But all those things may not ultimately matter when you have a president that doesn’t understand the basics of nuclear non-proliferation and all the work that goes into preventing the nuclear holocaust from occurring. This was reconfirmed yesterday with the report of President Trump’s knowledge of one of the most important treaties that our country has signed in the past decade – New START – that requires the two largest holders of nuclear weapons to reduce their nuclear stockpiles. Continue reading “Knowledge Is Power”

Please Hire Me

It’s been a little over a month since I initially wrote about my frustrations with obtaining a post-graduation job, but I thought I would write about it again because I am still frustrated and I am still without a future job.

Had I known that employers wouldn’t simply be lining up to hand me a job prior to graduation, I don’t know if I would have returned to school. Granted, if I hadn’t gone back when I did, I’d probably be in the same boat anyway, because the writing was on the wall and I was probably going to lose my job writing for The Motley Fool anyway. But I really thought that going back to school would make me an attractive potential hire for almost every finance-type job out there. Little did I know that this was not the case. Continue reading “Please Hire Me”

Job Searches Are Frustrating

With nearly a full month between my last final of the fall semester and the first day of classes in the spring, I was determined to spend most of my break actively seeking employment, and for the most part, I have met this goal. Nevertheless, with a little over a week left until classes resume, I am still applying for job after job, so many that I had to make a list — or at least update the list that I had started previously — in order to track them all and not waste time applying for the same position multiple times.

Unfortunately, seeing as I am enrolled in school until the middle of May, I probably don’t get a second look at some of the jobs for which I am applying. Without being told otherwise, I assume that they are simply bypassing me for someone who is available sooner than I am, which is perfectly fine. Nevertheless, applying for two to three jobs a day, only to be told “thanks but no thanks” by an average of one position a day is getting a little disheartening. Continue reading “Job Searches Are Frustrating”

The Year That Will Be 2014

Yesterday, I looked at all the goals that I made for myself for 2013 and how I fared, and my performance was less than stellar. Nevertheless, I am not deterred from making even more goals this year, though I don’t think it will approach the number and specificity of 2013. I have a few basic goals that would make 2014 better, and hopefully I will be able to accomplish them.

On with the show!

1) The Fitness Goal(s)
I know that people say that specific and numerical goals are easier to accomplish and whatnot. That said, this goal will be a combination of a couple different things:

  1. Lose 80 pounds – I like this number from last year, so we’re going with it again.
  2. Run 300 miles this year
  3. Get my gym on at least 3x a week
  4. Sleep better and like a normal person
  5. Eat better, including eliminating soda completely by the end of the year Continue reading “The Year That Will Be 2014”