Further Proof Fox News is Kinda Bad at News

If you have been paying attention to the news lately, you may have seen the following interview, in which author and professor Reza Aslan goes through an interview that doesn’t actually talk about his book — Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth but instead asks him to respond to some criticism from Christian reviewers, as well as bring him to task for not disclosing that he is a Muslim. Feel free to cringe through the following 10 minutes if you haven’t seen it yet:

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Video of the Week – “The Bed Song”

I’ve profiled this song before as a “Song of the Week,” and it is still one of the best songs that I’ve heard recently. Amanda Palmer has released a “new and improved” version of the song, including the video for this song. When I received the e-mail announcing the video, I actively avoided watching it, primarily because the song is so emotional. Even though I have heard the song a lot, it is still not one that I can listen to with others around, because it makes me mist up. I was worried the video would have the same outcome, and low and behold, I was right. If this doesn’t stir some kind of feeling up in you after you view it, you may not be human. That, or you have a perfect life that hasn’t been affected by loss or other forms of heartache.

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Song of the Week – Do It Anyway

Meant to put this up yesterday but forgot. As mentioned in my last post, Ben Folds Five “returned” to the world with a new album The Sound of the Life of the Mindand the first “single” was the great “Do It Anyway” with a video produced by Chris Hardwick and starring the Fraggles, Anna Kendrick, and Rob Corddry.

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