Part One: Changes a-Comin’

Before answering the question posed here, I am going to discuss a bit more on this subject first. That will give y’all more time to answer my hypothetical about winning the lottery, which, by the way, I did not win last week. Somebody did win Mega Millions though, so that jackpot is back down toContinue reading “Part One: Changes a-Comin’”

Something Different About This Morning

I awoke this morning and it was a different morning than every morning for the past 10 1/2 years. As promised on Facebook and Twitter this morning, I thought I would share some thoughts on not being in the Army for the first time in around 3,836 days, or ten years and six months. ToContinue reading “Something Different About This Morning”

The Year of Me!

I wasn’t going to write something down for New Year’s. All in all, I think it’s lame that we all celebrate the changing of one calendar year to the next, another holiday invented to sell more booze and give cops something to justify hours of overtime watching the streets. Back in the days of school,Continue reading “The Year of Me!”