It’s Been a Blast

This time two years ago, I was making final preparations to move to Virginia to take part in the Writer Development Program at The Motley Fool. It was a wonderful experience, and led to a great opportunity to work as a freelance writer. This was something that I enjoyed, though even I could admit that I could do better.

Well, now that I am getting set to start grad school later today, it is time for me to focus on school and prepare for whatever my future holds. Unfortunately, this means that I will no longer be a contributing writer for The Motley Fool. Continue reading “It’s Been a Blast”

The “Required” Resolution Post – Part 2

For Part 1, click this linky link.

Got some positive feedback for Part 1. Might mean I do a Part 3 for Friday…or I could finally get around to reviewing Django Unchained. Guess we will see. As mentioned previously, this part will revolve primarily around professional-type goals. On with the show!!!

1) Become a (More) Successful Writer
Don’t get me wrong. The fact that I can write about things I like and get paid for it (not here — HERE) is pretty cool. I just kind of sucked at it this year. I had all these visions of becoming this super great writer that got called up to go on CNBC Asia at 4 am to talk about some random bank and why it did something…but alas, that did not happen this year. There is always 2013, right? Continue reading “The “Required” Resolution Post – Part 2″

It’s Been a While…

I have missed four blog posts over the past week and a half or so. I would like to blame this on my trip East to visit The Motley Fool, but the truth of the matter is that I haven’t really had anything to write about. I could write my much promised review of The Sound of the Life of the Mind, the first album from Ben Folds Five in a very long time.Or I could review the movies that I have seen in the past two weeks, the superbly excellent Looper and very fun and enjoyable Pitch Perfect. I’m sure I’ll get to it eventually. Just had a bout of the blahs lately is all, plus I have been trying to focus on writing stuff that I get paid for.

Have no fear, fair readers! I do notice a bit of an uptick in traffic when I stick to my thrice-weekly publishing schedule, so hopefully I’ll be getting back to that by next week. Until then, feel free to check out anything you may have missed over the past few months, or head over to The Archives and read some older stuff that you may not have ever seen before. I find it interesting sometimes to head there and check and see if my writing has actually improved over time or if I am just fooling myself into thinking that it has. Not really a decision for me to make I suppose.

Anyway, I hope to be back to publishing frequently again soon. Until then…

World-Wide Invest Better Day

Disclaimer: I am riding the coat tails of one of my employers here, and the thoughts expressed here do not reflect the opinions of The Motley Fool in any way. I was not compensated for this post in any way. Please do your own research prior to investing your own money in stocks, and a great place to start would be

The folks that I do my paid writing for, The Motley Fool, invented a holiday yesterday, and I hope it is something that continues going forward. Dubbed World-Wide Invest Better Day, or WWIB, featured a day of programming from Fool analysts all over the country at various meetings. Unfortunately, I was unable to take part during the day, but the short videos that I was able to watch gave me an idea for today. Many of the videos featured the analysts speaking about their favorite stocks, and every hour the folks there, who are much smarter than me, gave a stock idea and why it would make a good investment.  Continue reading “World-Wide Invest Better Day”