On Anthems, Flags, and Protests

I’ve been wrestling with whether to say something about this. I personally feel like it is a very (unnecessarily) divisive issue that has become something more than it ever should have been. Maybe that’s a product of living in an “outrage” culture, when people on either side of the political equilibrium have to scream louderContinue reading “On Anthems, Flags, and Protests”

The Utah Jazz Are Home

For the longest time, at least until Real Salt Lake, the Utah Jazz were the professional sports team in Utah. Sure, we had some random minor league teams, even super successful ones, but the Jazz were the only game in town. For eight, and sometimes nine months a year, the Jazz dominated the local sportsContinue reading “The Utah Jazz Are Home”

Politics and Football

The NFL season ended today in pretty dramatic fashion, with the New England Patriots coming back from a 28–3 deficit in the third quarter and pulling out the win in overtime 34–28. It was probably the best Super Bowl game of my lifetime and had me on the literal edge of my seat for mostContinue reading “Politics and Football”

An Ode to the Ladies of Roller Derby

If there is one person to blame for my recently developed appreciation of roller derby, it would have to be my sister Kathy, aka Vixen Kitten. For the longest time after returning to Utah, she would invite us to come check out a derby scrimmage or match. I kept putting it off, always making someContinue reading “An Ode to the Ladies of Roller Derby”