Robert’s Original Blog, Part V

Note: The following is a poem that I wrote in tenth grade that was included in the  “Sophomore Honors English Poetry Collection 1996-1997” from Hunter High School and Ms. Heart. As you will see from the tone, poor little “Bobby Eberhard” was pretty sad for himself as a 16 year-old. I have tried to formatContinue reading “Robert’s Original Blog, Part V”

Robert’s Original Blog, Part IV

In light of the fact that it is supposedly Valentine’s Day, we’ll enter the last in this brief series of entries from young Robert’s journal. The last entry found him finishing up 9th grade, though you wouldn’t know it from any of his entries since there was only one entry from the 9th grade schoolContinue reading “Robert’s Original Blog, Part IV”

Robert’s Original Blog, Part III

When we last left young Robert, he had finished up elementary school and was getting ready for the new world of junior high school. Unfortunately, we do not get young Robert’s impressions of adapting to a new school environment; I didn’t write a new entry until March of my 7th grade year, when the schoolContinue reading “Robert’s Original Blog, Part III”

Robert’s Original Blog, Part II

Since Part I was so fun, I’m just going to continue on with this little series. After completing the last post, I read the remaining seven pages or so that remained in my journal and found it very interesting to say the least. Towards the end, I turn much more vulgar than a 8th graderContinue reading “Robert’s Original Blog, Part II”