Utah Should Look to Its Past to Map Its Future

I have high hopes for the future of Utah, especially in regards to the political climate. Perusing the comments on the latest news out of my home state makes me question if this is actually the case. As it currently stands, it doesn’t seem like that is a possibility, especially in light of the currentContinue reading “Utah Should Look to Its Past to Map Its Future”

You Gotta Have Faith

Usually, when the word “faith” is bandied about, it is often in reference to a belief in a higher power. This post, for the most part, will not be any different. However, it is the other definitions of faith that I am more interested in. According the dictionary.com, the belief in god is the thirdContinue reading “You Gotta Have Faith”

The un-Mormonization of the Prodigal Son

Kind of an interesting story… It all started when the local ward folks started randomly showing up at the apartment and trying to get in touch with me. One even sent me a Book of Mormon with a picture of his Mormon-looking family and his testimony. Creepy! But as per usual, I ignored them. ThatContinue reading “The un-Mormonization of the Prodigal Son”