Special Elections Fallout for Utah’s CD-3

Utah is a very conservative state, at least when it comes to election results. But the election of Trump last November has made “Turning Utah Blue!” the cause of choice for many liberal activist in the state, especially in light of our very own special election coming in November to replace everyone’s least favorite CongressmanContinue reading “Special Elections Fallout for Utah’s CD-3”

Term Limits and Fighting the Status Quo

Note: I often go on little rants on Twitter when the mood strikes instead of writing things here. As such, I’ve decided to go back and pull the threads and change them into blog posts, if only so this blog doesn’t sit completely fallow between times when I decide to post things. Plus, it willContinue reading “Term Limits and Fighting the Status Quo”

The Gerrymandering Post – Part 2

Yesterday in Part 1, I wrote that Utah shouldn’t get its hopes up for an additional House of Representatives seat after the 2020 Census. After completing some additional number crunching this morning, I have confirmed that to be true, with Utah’s projected 2020 population appearing about 200,000 citizens short of making the cut for aContinue reading “The Gerrymandering Post – Part 2”

The Gerrymandering Post – Part 1

Note: I was just going to do one post, but instead of making this one post a 2,000 word monstrosity, I’m going to break it into at least two posts instead. This post will cover (re)apportionment and the Census, while Part 2 will talk more about gerrymandering and other reasons why Democrats are underrepresented inContinue reading “The Gerrymandering Post – Part 1”