Apportionment and the Census

After a bit of a delay, caused by a late count due to the pandemic but also because of the prior administration’s lack of care about things like Constitutional mandate, the Census finally released the results of the once-every-ten-years (decennial?) count of people in the United States. I hope you filled out your Census formContinue reading “Apportionment and the Census”


As we sit around waiting for much needed relief from our government – primarily because the Democrats love the filibuster for some reason even though about 98% of the people in America don’t even know what that is – a lot of the debate has turned to increasing the minimum wage in the United States.Continue reading “#RaiseTheWage”

(Re-)Ranking the Presidents, Part 3

In the final post of the week, we get to the top (he’ll be at the bottom) of our presidential rankings. If you missed them, check out Monday’s and Wednesday’s posts to see how we got here and who might be left. On with the show! 15. James Madison (1809-1817) (Previous Rank: 14th) – MadisonContinue reading “(Re-)Ranking the Presidents, Part 3”