Politics and Football

The NFL season ended today in pretty dramatic fashion, with the New England Patriots coming back from a 28–3 deficit in the third quarter and pulling out the win in overtime 34–28. It was probably the best Super Bowl game of my lifetime and had me on the literal edge of my seat for most of the last quarter and a half.

The man in the middle of it all was Tom Brady, quarterback for the Patriots and now the only man to ever win FIVE Super Bowls as a quarterback (Charles Haley played on five Super Bowl winning teams). It was an amazing performance, vintage Brady, and it’s hard to forget sometimes that he is 39 years old and has been doing this for 16 years now. Continue reading “Politics and Football”

To Lincoln on His First Birthday

Dear Lincoln,

I thought I would write this down finally, if only because I’ve been putting it off for so long and I want you to know about how you managed to come into this world a year ago today.

We weren’t expecting you in May. The doctors all said you would be joining us sometime in July, with an expected due date of Pioneer Day, the 24th. Had you decided to wait that long, your birth would have been welcomed with fireworks, as that’s the day here in Utah that we celebrate the arrival of the pioneers back in 1847. Alas, you are anxious and decided to come a bit early instead.

It started on Friday, May 15th. Your mom wasn’t feeling all that great, which seemed to be the theme of her pregnancy with you. She went to the local clinic, was told to call her doctor on Monday, and came home. Unfortunately, she didn’t feel any better Saturday morning, so we went to the emergency room at McKay-Dee to get checked out and hopefully help Mom feel better. Luckily, Mom had taken the weekend off from her job at the Home Depot call center to get a break from that horrible job, so we didn’t have much else to do that weekend. She was admitted, which is what hospitals tend to do when moms present themselves in similar situations, and you and Mom were hooked up to a monitor to make sure everything was going to be okay. Continue reading “To Lincoln on His First Birthday”

Weight-Loss Journey Begins…Again

There are many examples on this here blog exploring my attempts to lose weight over the years. As I am at my highest weight ever, I have obviously failed in my previous efforts to get to where I want to be.

That being said, I have decided to embark on yet another attempt to get to a more healthy weight. My sisters Kathy and Stef have had some success using Arbonne products to get healthy, and I have decided to get on board. I will try to post at least weekly updating my weight-loss, and as my schedule allows, I might post more updates about how I feel during the week. I’ll be doing the “28 Days to Health” as a minimum, and potentially longer depending on my success in the program.*

*Though even if my results are pretty modest, I might incorporate the shakes into my daily routine, if only because they are pretty tasty and portable. Continue reading “Weight-Loss Journey Begins…Again”

Brothers Across America – Day 23

Still pretty neat from far away
Still pretty neat from far away

Before leaving from South Dakota, and really the only reason we went there, we drove by Mount Rushmore to check it out. We didn’t drive up to the visitors center because I was broke and didn’t want to pay $11, but I was able to snap the picture above from the road. Not too shabby. And we did get a closer look at it as we drove around the mountain, but that will be something you need to see for yourself. Continue reading “Brothers Across America – Day 23”