On the Eve of My 37th Birthday

In the past, I have written something in “celebration” of my birthday. Looking back now, I thought it was something that I had done more often, but alas, it was only like three years total: 2009 was a brief post from Fort Dix, NJ while we were getting ready to deploy to Iraq; 2012 wasContinue reading “On the Eve of My 37th Birthday”

Leaving the Democratic Party

This may not mean anything to anybody, but today, I officially changed my voter registration from “Democrat” to “Unaffiliated.” So, for the first time since I registered to vote nearly 18 years ago, I am a man without a party. This day has been inevitable since Hillary Clinton lost in November, but it has been reinforcedContinue reading “Leaving the Democratic Party”

On Honoring Our Fallen

Note: I often go on little rants on Twitter when the mood strikes instead of writing things here. As such, I’ve decided to go back and pull the threads and change them into blog posts, if only so this blog doesn’t sit completely fallow between times when I decide to post things. Plus, it willContinue reading “On Honoring Our Fallen”

Why I’m Running For Clinton City Council

Note: This is the second of a series of posts to hopefully help expand on my candidacy for Clinton City Council. You can read the first piece here, Like my campaign page on Facebook for other updates, or follow me on Twitter to learn more. Thanks for reading! I don’t remember what piqued my initialContinue reading “Why I’m Running For Clinton City Council”