Hamilton: An American Musical Review

Note: This is the final (bonus) post in my “Ten Days of Hamilton” series. I had the pleasure of finally seeing Hamilton: An American Musical. We saw it on April 14th during the matinée performance as it stopped by the Eccles Theater in Salt Lake City. The venue was great. Our seats were great. TheContinue reading “Hamilton: An American Musical Review”

TDOH: Ranking the Songs of Hamilton

Note: This is the penultimate Ten Days of Hamilton post. There should be a bonus review posted sometime after I see Hamilton: An American Musical this weekend.  This is the last “official” entry into the Ten Days of Hamilton series, and since I have covered most of Hamilton’s individual relationships, I felt it was timeContinue reading “TDOH: Ranking the Songs of Hamilton”

TDOH: Hamilton and Burr

Note: This is the Day Nine of Ten Days of Hamilton. Here’s why I’m doing this. In a perfect world, Aaron Burr wouldn’t be “the villain in [our] history.” Unlike Alexander Hamilton, he was born in the colonies that would soon become America. His family had some measure of wealth; his grandfather was the widelyContinue reading “TDOH: Hamilton and Burr”

TDOH: Alexander and Eliza

Note: This is Day Eight of Ten Days of Hamilton. Primer is here.  We’ve spoken ad nauseam about the various men in Alexander Hamilton’s life: political enemies, his mentor, and (coming tomorrow) the man who murdered him. Those men helped shape Alexander Hamilton into the person that he was politically, and Hamilton may have latchedContinue reading “TDOH: Alexander and Eliza”