Leave Chronology – Day Sixteen

This is the last post in the series on my R&R leave in Germany. It’s been a long time coming, but now that I am done with this, I can move onto finishing up the Mobilization Journal a bit more. Heck, maybe even get enough to write a book or something… Anyway, the last dayContinue reading “Leave Chronology – Day Sixteen”

Leave Chronology – Day Fifteen

German Eagle Today, we took the train to Munich with little idea of what we would actually do once we got there. One of the deciding factors was that it was a little closer via train then Berlin, which would have been a bit more preferable. However, once we arrived in Munich, we realized thereContinue reading “Leave Chronology – Day Fifteen”

Leave Chronology – Day Fourteen

Another rainy day in Frankfurt limited plans yet again, though we were able to get to a laundromat and get some clothes cleaned. Later, we walked to the nearby area of Frankfurt known as Sachsenhausen and found a Hooters, where we were served by Ms. Hooters Germany 2009 or something. Tomorrow, we will be headingContinue reading “Leave Chronology – Day Fourteen”

Leave Chronology – Day Thirteen

Our “lucky” day spent in Germany was kind of a bust since it was a Sunday as well as raining. We attempted to find a laundromat to do laundry, but all the local laundromats were closed on Sunday. At night, we checked out a “Latin” club for which we had received a flier for theContinue reading “Leave Chronology – Day Thirteen”