Fun With Politics, Part 3

Another boring night at home, another set of wonderful social/political issues to talk about (this is where it gets fun): 7) Absolute Right to Gun Ownership My View: Guns are okay; they keep people safe and they are a major part of my part-time job. However, the Second Amendment does not give you the rightContinue reading “Fun With Politics, Part 3”

Fun With Politics, Part 2

Next set of issues, since I don’t have anything better to do. 4) Teach family values in public schools Had a hard time figuring this out at first, so here is OntheIssues definition: Strongly Support means you believe: Judeo-Christian values are American values. Belief in God is what America was founded upon, so praying inContinue reading “Fun With Politics, Part 2”

Fun with Politics, Part 1

Now that we know who’s who amongst those running for president, I have decided to begin posting my thoughts on certain issues and comparing my views with what the respective presidential candidates feel on the same issue. I will be using the questions found on the VoteMatch quiz on this website. I have used thisContinue reading “Fun with Politics, Part 1”

Why co-workers and the office environment suck

This is purely an opinion piece and not based on scientific facts or anything, but here goes: It’s easy to trace this dilemma to two things: humankind’s natural tendency to be hunter/gatherers and society’s general apathy towards work. The first is something that has developed since the beginning of time, when man first stood erectContinue reading “Why co-workers and the office environment suck”