Brothers Across America – Days 16-19

This trip back to Connecticut was a little different than the one I experienced back in July, when I returned for a wedding. Feelings that I experienced last January as I was leaving the state came back to me, probably because I was in the same car and driving and all that. When I left last year, I knew I would be back to visit, especially since many of my closest friends continue to reside there, but I never expected to feel the way that I did.

It really hit me as I was driving around and showing Billy all the elements of my Connecticut life, the place where I spent the majority of my time during the ten years that I lived there. The only place we didn’t end up going was UConn, though the though had crossed my mind. As we drove by place after place, I felt parts of my life deleted forever, and it wasn’t a pleasant experience. Continue reading “Brothers Across America – Days 16-19”

To My Best Friend on Her Birthday

Dear Megan,

It’s weird calling someone your best friend as an adult, especially one that you see way less than you should. It’s even weirder when the majority of your friendship was spent with each of you on opposite sides of the country. But if there is one person outside of my family that I feel closest with, it’s you.

Though I may not have known you as long as some of my other friends, you have remained one of my closest friends, regardless of the distance between us or whatever else is going on in our lives. We became friends pretty quickly, and that friendship grew into a closer one, and we have managed to remain friends for over 16 years.   Continue reading “To My Best Friend on Her Birthday”

The “Required Resolution Post – Part 3

Edited by request. Apologies to the requesting party.

For Part 1, click here. For Part 2, click here.

After going over some physical and professional goals for the year, this post will mainly be about some other random things that I hope to accomplish before 2014 is upon us. This is pretty much just a dumping ground for a few things that didn’t fit in with the other eight goals from the previous posts. On with the show!

1) Get Total Remaining Debt Under $10,000
As I mentioned in my first resolution post, I have made paying off debt a resolution every year since I pretty much got in debt in the first place. And while I would have liked to maximize what I paid off last year by spending a whole year at home, I wasn’t nearly as successful as I would have liked. Combine that with the super fun foreclosure on my condo in Connecticut, and my credit is pretty shot for the time being. ‘Murica! Continue reading “The “Required Resolution Post – Part 3”

What’s the Point…

I pretty much lied in the first three sentences of the following. It does, in fact, turn into a pretty standard “Woe is me” post in the end. This is what happens when you can’t sleep and it’s 2am. I think it turns around a bit towards the end though, so it’s not completely terrible. 

I was going to write a post here about how every facet of my life is frustrating right now. Just take a look at all the categories I selected. However, I realized that it wasn’t super productive. My words here in my little corner of the internet have yet to truly have any profound effect on my life. I write odes to the one that got away, the person that, for some reason, I think will make me super happy and somehow complete my life. Either she hasn’t seen it or she refuses to acknowledge it, which ultimately ends up being okay in the long run. Why? Because I am a coward. She’ll be in Salt Lake this week, but I probably won’t reach out to her. But if she, for some reason, wanted to see me, I would probably find some excuse not to, even though my social calendar is about as empty as it can get at the moment. That’s how cowardly I am. If I really wanted to see her, I would have reached out to her when I was in New York recently. Alas…

I write about struggling through losing weight, putting the gym off another week then complaining about not seeing good enough results. I have this thought that being skinny again will somehow fix all of my problems, that it will suddenly make the ladies come knock down my door. I don’t know if this is necessarily true. It might make me happier, I suppose, but I think I have been truly miserable for too long to be happy again. I should probably go see a therapist or something. I haven’t been happy for a long time. Continue reading “What’s the Point…”