To Lincoln on His First Birthday

Dear Lincoln, I thought I would write this down finally, if only because I’ve been putting it off for so long and I want you to know about how you managed to come into this world a year ago today. We weren’t expecting you in May. The doctors all said you would be joining usContinue reading “To Lincoln on His First Birthday”

My Dad’s Republican Party

A question from my wife prompted some reflection last week. It has been something that has been in the back of my mind for quite some time, the part of my mind I don’t often go to because it still has the power to make me sad. Even though we were on completely different sidesContinue reading “My Dad’s Republican Party”

Some Big News

With less than two weeks to go until I am done with school forever,* there are a few things about my short-to-intermediate future that I am ready to announce here. *I reserve the right to return to school at a later date, but only as an instructor or administrator. First, as you may know fromContinue reading “Some Big News”