Brothers Across America – Day 23

Before leaving from South Dakota, and really the only reason we went there, we drove by Mount Rushmore to check it out. We didn’t drive up to the visitors center because I was broke and didn’t want to pay $11, but I was able to snap the picture above from the road. Not too shabby.Continue reading “Brothers Across America – Day 23”

Brothers Across America – Day 22

As mentioned in the last post, before departing Omaha, we went in search of the headquarters of Berkshire Hathaway. I really was hoping for a sign that I could stand out in front of, but alas it was not to be. We managed to find Kiewit Towers where the HQ is housed, though there wasContinue reading “Brothers Across America – Day 22”

Brothers Across America – Day 21

After a stop at the University of Illinois to say hello* to the only grad school that has accepted me thus far, we continued our trek westward. *At this point, baring an incredible financial aid offer from one of the other three schools, Illinois will probably be my future home for a year starting inContinue reading “Brothers Across America – Day 21”